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Protecting Your Home From Summertime

There’s a reason summer is our busiest season! While some people consider it a good thing to get away from the gloomy cold, the oven-hot temperatures that come with summertime aren’t always treasured. Summer comes with not only tons of heat, but also heavy summer storms that can cause some serious damage to your household. It’s never fun dealing with problems that are out of your control, as nature sometimes isn’t so forgiving. Here are some tips to help prevent these troublesome problems in your home:

  • Direct sunlight in the summer can cause certain fabrics to fade. Not a whole lot of fabrics have built in repellents or protection. Cotton & wool, along with wool blends are natural fabrics that have a better tendency to keep their color. Acrylic, polyester, and nylon fade far less quickly. Certain high end fabrics like linen and silk can fade VERY quickly. Colors matter too! Dark colors fade at a higher pace than lighter colors. It’s best to rearrange certain things, especially those neat oriental rugs, out of the hot sunlight.
  • Wood is extremely vulnerable to humidity. This is usually trouble for hardwood floors. Engineered hardwoods tend to be more stable than solid hardwoods, but they’re still susceptible to moisture. The key to keeping those hardwood floors from swelling is simple: dehumidification. A correctly adjusted humidifier should do the trick, but if the problem ever ventures beyond humidity, we’re here to help!
  • Mold is a huge problem in the summer, as summer brings humidity with it. Warm air, high humidity, and tons of summer rain rapidly increases the chance of your home developing mold. Mold can damage the structure of your home and your possessions and can pose health risks. Unfortunately, you cannot mold-proof your home. Once it starts to grow, it can travel quickly and may be difficult to treat. Mold can be prevented by making sure your home does not possess excessive moisture for too long, and keeping your home as dehumidified as possible. If you feel as though your moisture problem has gone too far, call us and prevent mold growth before it happens!
  • Summer brings heavy rainfall and sometimes even flooding. Living in Texas, we can all probably agree that floods are common and troublesome. Summertime can be unforgiving when it comes to thunderstorms and could spell trouble for your home. Firstly, you must make sure your gutters are clean and clear ahead of a big storm! This could mean a great deal to how much flooding occurs around your house.  Now, if you believe there are signs of water accumulating your household, cut off the power where the source lies. You should not attempt to cut the power unless it is safe to do so. Mop any excess water on the floors and wipe down any furniture — water can be your furniture’s worst enemy! Make sure you don’t use a vacuum to soak up anything involving moisture. By now you should be ready to call us immediately for further assistance!

Remember, if any problem gets too out of control, we’re here for you 24/7! Just dial 817-447-7550! Do not hesitate!