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Carpet Cleaning

We may just look like a group of people with a steamer in hand, but we can assure you we provide much more than that for your home.

Fast Action Restoration uses the most up-to-date and powerful Truck-mounted equipment for cleaning carpet. No other method cleans carpet better than steam cleaning. The extremely powerful vacuum extracts oily dirt trapped deep in your carpet fiber. Dirt can act like sandpaper on your carpet which will reduce its life with normal wear. Cleaning carpet improves our quality of life. Carpet is a floor covering the helps clean the air in your home. It cleans our indoor environment by removing dust, dander, and even some gases so we don’t have to breath them in. Cleaning carpet not only improves the healthfulness of our environment, it also prolongs carpet life and improves the appearance of your home.

With Fast Action Restoration there are no hidden charges. All estimates are free. On every job, we will pre-treat and deodorize your carpet at no extra charge. We’ll even move most of your furniture. Spot removers, treatments for pet stains, and post-cleaning carpet protectorates are available as well and they are all baby-safe. We also clean oriental rugs as well as installed carpets.