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Carpet Cleaner for Allergen and Dust Mite Removal

Does your family suffer from seasonal allergies? You’re not alone! According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, one in five Americans suffer from all types of allergies. That means an estimated 50 million Americans are looking for a solution in their home to help minimize the effects of this chronic disease.

Although there is no cure for allergies, there are ways you can help your home become a better environment for your sneezy, watery-eyed family members.

Your carpets are the number one dust and allergen collector in your home. Over time, dust mites and allergens can collect deep within the fibers of your carpet. Regular vacuuming doesn’t always clean deeply enough to remove these nuisances. Believe it or not, some vacuum cleaners can actually release the dust mites and allergens back into the air.

The best way to help remove allergens and dust mites is by deep cleaning your carpets.

Our deep cleaning formulas and equipment are specifically designed to help remove the allergens and dust mites that collect in your carpets. Our allergen formula is not only intended to give your carpets a deep clean but to also help remove embedded household allergens such as dust, pet dander, fungus and pollen.

How often should you use a carpet cleaner for allergens and dust mites? If your family suffers from seasonal allergies, it might be necessary for you to deep clean your carpets at the start or end of every season.

Some other tips for reducing allergens in your home include:


  • Cleaning upholstery and draperies often
  • Keeping windows closed
  • Investing in an air purifier or humidifier
  • Purchasing allergy-reducing pillows
  • Putting hardwood floors in high-traffic areas