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Caring For Your Oriental Rug

Maintaining the beauty and quality of your oriental rugs for decades comes with proper care and cleaning. 

It is inevitable to prevent rug wear but steps can be taken to reduce the effects of wear.

  • Frequently rotate your rug 180 degrees. This will help equalize the wear and elements on your rug
  • Avoid over exposing your rug to sunlight. Continual sunlight to your rug can eventually cause color fading and increases the rugs brittleness. Consider this when deciding on where the rug is displayed.
  • It is essential to use  good quality padding under your rug.  Pads help stabilize and minimize friction  between the floor and rug. Pads also add to sound absorption.
  • When vacuuming your rug always vacuum with the nap.  Vacuuming against the nap will press dirt back into the pile.  Avoid vacuuming the fringe as the fringe may break or tear.
  • It is highly recommended to sweep your rugs weekly.
  • Your oriental rugs should be washed on a regular basis by a professional who is IICRC Certified in Oriental Rugs.

FAST ACTION RESTORATION has IICRC CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS and are ready to handle all your cleaning and restoration needs. One of our many specialties is cleaning and caring for Oriental Rugs. CALL US TODAY 817-447-7550